Greek Island Writing Retreat

  • When

    14 Oct - 20 Oct

  • Where


  • Price

    From $1,950

  • Type

    Craft Wellness Workaway

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LittleRed Says...

It’s not easy to fit focused writing sessions into a busy schedule. Remove yourself from distraction, to a place full of guidance inspiration and you’ll be making progress in no time. You’re sure to sleep well after exploring the island by both land and sea, and eating delicious greek cuisine, however with new friends to make and a headful of new ideas, you’ll think you’re dreaming whilst you’re still awake. 

Info from the organisers

The Write Away Paros October writing retreat offers an inspiring and invigorating Writers Retreat in the heart of the Cyclades on the enchanting island of Paros, Greece. Being surrounded by stunning views over the Aegean Sea, olive groves, vineyards, and classic Cycladic architecture and history will soothe your senses and summon your creative spirit. The Cyclades - and Paros in particular - have captivated writers and artists throughout the ages. The allure of the island has served to make it home to many internationally known artists and writers, making it an ideal place for your Writing Residency Retreat.

Writers will reside in private rooms in a charming hotel with inspiring views of the island and the alluring Aegean Sea. Writers will enjoy stimulating Writing Workshops, regular group dinners savoring classical Greek cuisine as well as evening social gatherings and options for additional inspiring activities.

The Write Away Staff, the Writing Workshops and the serenity and beauty of the Greek Islands make Paros a picture-perfect place to unleash your creative potential. The Writing Retreat daily writing workshops will take place in comfortable seaside surroundings. Dinners will be in select charming local Greek island restaurants and tavernas and there will be Lit-up seaside social hours, a time for bonding and engaging discussions of craft and creativity.

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