LITTLE RED FEATURE: Lady Days (1 week)

  • When

    29 Apr - 05 May

  • Where


  • Price

    From £980

  • Type

    Travel Wellness Craft Self Development

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LittleRed says...

This week-long women’s empowerment retreat is run by LittleRed, and is hosted in the most gorgeous French estate. The experience is designed to help you re-connect with yourself and with others around you, and to nurture confidence and calm.

More info about the event...

At Lady Days we'll start outside, both figuratively and literally, getting to know each other and our surroundings. Through workshops, discussion, games, food and friendship we'll work our way deeper, illuminating and reflecting the beautiful, powerful, vulnerable, complicated women we all are.

Our days will be themed so we can focus on different aspects of identity and provide tools that will help to empower us in every role of life.


  • Environment & Community
  • Aesthetics
  • Touch and feel
  • Deep dive
  • Reflection

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