The Ceramic Animal

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    14 Oct - 20 Oct

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    From €1,080

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    Craft Wellness

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LittleRed Says...

OK so it’s a little romantic of us but, have you seen Stealing Beauty? Liv Tyler goes to Italy to hang out with a bunch of her Mum’s artist friends? Well now you can channel your inner artist in the gorgeous surroundings of the Tuscan countryside; eat freshly prepared Italian food and make new friends over a glass of locally produced wine. Yes please! 

Information from the organisers... 

In this workshop Andreas Hinder will share his wide experience of modelling the animal figure. Tips and tricks for the successful building of an abstract or figurative sculpture are part of the topic as much as the search of a meaningful expression and of an appropriate surface design.

How does a figure stand on its feet, being those 2 or 4? Which static structure is at the base of the composition? How can we show posture, facial expression and movement? How can we inspire the form with life? Which marks and textures to tell of skin, bristles or fur? All these questions allow for interesting experimentation on various levels.

Participants are welcome to bring sketches for their own projects. The ideas will be worked out by means of smaller models / maquettes in two or three variations. The instructor will hold group demonstrations and, in one to one conversation with each participant, discuss the way of best realizing the projects. The aim is to support each participant in the realization of their own work.
He will demonstrate his construction technique, how initially a socket or the like is made and then build the figure from bottom to top, helping static with temporary auxiliary walls, how best joining parts to avoid future cracks, how to take off weight from the clay feet during the construction. Each participant will finish one or more small to medium size figures.

There will be information for building large, multi-part figures for outdoors, about the composition of engobes, firing curves, frost resistance, base solutions and other questions that will arise during the workshop.

As a special treat during the firing of the pieces, Andreas partner Nicole Thoss will give a brief insight into the techniques of image transfer printing processes onto the leather hard surface. In her own practice of 15 years she has developed a variety of techniques.

The workshop fee includes the following:
- Tuition (class is 6/7  hours per day with 12 hours studio time)
- All Materials and firings
- Lodging in double room; single room add extra cost of 150 €
- Welcome dinner and welcome breakfast
- A freshly prepared full Tuscan lunch with wine on all working days.

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