The Swirl: La Salle

  • When

    09 Nov - 11 Nov

  • Where


  • Price

    From £20

  • Type

    Wellness Workaway

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LittleRed says...

OK so this is a little step away from what we usually promote but LIttleRed founder Vicky is actually helping to organise the event and believes it fits with our ethos. 

The “organised” part of the experience will take place on the Saturday but you can arrive Friday and leave Sunday. 

Chateau de la Salle is an absolutely magical environment and The Swirl is a chance to wrap up warm and explore with a group of circa 50 others, enjoying music, art and discussion as you go. 

This is one of those events that it’s hard to describe but if you want to be inspired, get your open mind ready and we’ll see you there! 

The Swirl Tour

The Swirl Tour is a series of intimate micro-festivals sharing natural on/off-grid environments. Hosted by the Corcovado network; inspired by nature, creativity and community. Find out details about other events and locations.

Why Come to The Swirl

  • Enjoy a day of live performance, talks, craft workshops and walks through nature
  • Meet YouTuber, Dave Erasmus (founder of Corcovado) and members of the Corcovado team and community
  • Contribute to discussion about creativity, nature and building a harmonious future
  • Learn about creative processes and acquire new skills
  • Absorb the beauty of the Chateau de la Salle's unique environment
  • Benefit from a close community, transitioning together through day into night.
  • Guests are encouraged to stay for the Sunday too for local, community led activities (more info coming soon)

What's included?

  • Full day of talks, workshops and performances from artists and creators sharing their newest work and discussing their process.
  • Access to the amazing Chateau de la Salle estate
  • Refreshments available all day (tea, coffee, water, juice)
  • Lunch and dinner included too!
  • Evening "round the campfire" sessions; music & storytelling
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