Unsettled: Bali

  • When

    01 Dec - 31 Dec

  • Where


  • Price

    From $2,200

  • Type

    Workaway Travel

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Bali has it all: Art, beaches, culture, shamans, spirituality, surf, uninhabited islands, and so much more. You have to experience it for yourself. We will have several villas to ourselves within a short distance of Ubud, famous as Bali's leading destination for coworking as well as the harmonic state found among the yoga practices, meditation, rice paddies, and spiritual sites. We intentionally design this experience as a balance between work life and taking advantage of the exceptional quality of life in Ubud. There's an abundance of yoga classes, guided meditation, and spiritual teachers nearby for daily work/life balance. And come the weekend, we will explore new beaches, go diving, or search for the hidden side of this mysterious island.

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